Content Complaints

ChanaJor always believe in providing best entertainment content and shows to its users so they always get an enjoyable experience.

We also believe that that freedom of expression and creative license comes with the responsibility to complies with applicable laws of the land and to also keep the globally accepted standards. To be consistent with this approach, we have set up an internal monitoring team, the Content Regulation department, which monitors all content prior to publishing to ensure the lawfulness.

If You have any complaints with respect to any Content or User Material(s) then such correspondence should be mailed to in the following format:

Name of the complainant:

E-mail address of the complainant:

User log-in ID of the complainant:

Title of the Content: (With URLs):

Nature of complaint:

Details of the basis of complaint:

ChanaJor may further request You further information as may be reasonably required to resolve Your complaint.

ChanaJor shall generate and issue an acknowledgement of receipt of complaint within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the complaint and shall appropriately reply to You a decision/ action within fifteen (15) working days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

Additional time may be required by ChanaJor in case You fail to provide relevant and complete or any additional information requested by ChanaJor.

Complaints may be withdrawn by You at any point of time. Upon withdrawal or in case a complaint is abandoned, such complaint shall deemed to be disposed of.

ChanaJor shall, upon receipt and examination of the complaint, undertake any one or multiple of the following or any other measures, as applicable :

Reclassify age rating of relevant content, and/or Include a warning card or disclaimer in content descriptors, and/or Edit synopsis of relevant content. If you have any doubts about the content regulations or the complaint process, you may contact us at

Sl. No. Grievances and actions taken Number
1 Grievances and actions taken 0
2 Grievances received during the month 0
3 Grievances disposed out of (1) above 0
4 Grievances disposed out of (2) above 0
5 Grievances pending at the end of the month (1+2-3-4) 0
6 Classification of grievances disposed
6(a) Grievances not related to Code of Ethics: above 0
6(b) Grievances related to Code of Ethics: 0
(i) Agreed to by the publisher and action taken 0
(ii) Not agreed to by the publisher 0
(iii) Any other action taken 0
7 Orders, directions and advisories received from Central Government and Self regulatory Bodies
7(a) Number of Orders, directions and advisories received 0
7(b) Orders, directions and advisories complied to 0